2019: Above and Beyond, AREA Gallery, Boston MA

2018: ART FAIR, Porch Gallery, Minneapolis MN

2018: MassArt Auction, Paine Bakalar Gallery, Boston MA

2018: Palm Beach Modern+Contemporary, Aureus Contemporary, Palm Beach FL

2017 Aqua Art Fair Miami, Aureus Contemporary, Miami FL

2017 COLLAGE, AREA Gallery, Boston MA

2017 Luxry Condos, Coming Soon!!, Aviary Gallery, Boston MA

2017 Barcú Feria International, Aureus Contemporary, Bogotá Columbia

2017 REAL/IDEAL, Boston Center for the Arts, Curated by David Guerra, Boston MA

2017 Body Politic, Bromfield Gallery, Boston MA

2017 Scope Basel, Aureus Contemporary, Basel Switzerland

2017 SUPERnatural, Aureus Contemporary, NYC

2017 Palette Show, Abend Gallery, Denver CO

2017 MassArt Biennial, Bakalar Gallery, Boston MA

2016 Dualisms, Abigail Ogilvy Gallery, Boston MA

2015 Your Ticket Out, Distillery Gallery, Boston MA

2014 Art100, Piano Craft Gallery, Boston MA

2014 12x12, Bromfield Gallery, Boston MA

2014 Drawing on the Past, Burrard Arts Foundation,

Vancouver, BC Canada

2014 Swell Series, GRIN Gallery, Providence RI

2014 Recent Works, Pavement, Boston MA 

2013 MassArt Auction, Paine Bakalar Gallery,

Boston MA



2016 Creative Quarterly "100 Best of 2015"

2015 Creative Quarterly Magazine - Issue 37

2014 Fresh Paint Magazine - Issue V

2014 Incident Codex Inpatient Press

2014 The Paperboy's Lunch - Issue I

2013 Creative Quarterly Magazine Online



2019 Walter Feldman Fellowship finalist

2018 Massachusetts Cultural Council Artist Fellowship in Drawing

2016 Massachusetts Cultural Council Artist Fellowships Finalist in Drawing

2013 Illustration Faculty Award



Eben Haines was born in Boston, MA in 1990, and he received his BFA with honors from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2013.  His work emphasizes the history and process of object, focusing on human form and the built environment.  Using a covering over and building up of material, he tries to present hand, object, and image simultaneously. He currently lives and works in Boston.

"Setting soft and supple nudes and unorthodox portraits against seemingly textured backgrounds, Haines utilizes the tension between abstraction and realism to appease his own inner dichotomies and create art that expresses emotional complexities. But unlike many artists who muddle the polarities of figuration and abstraction into ambiguity, Haines leaves them distinct, engendering a contrast that intensifies the impact of each."

—Amadeus Magazine


Amadeus Magazine

Fresh Paint Magazine